We love it when music and visual art reinforce each other
Bassmusic, Visual Art, Live Beats
Hytes is an electronic band of three creatives who try to arouse multiple senses with their live-show. They play their own bass-music productions with vibrant live drums and they use their own 2D- and 3D-art to visualize what they want to express in their music.
The idea behind Hytes is that visual art and music can reinforce each other in both ways. Usually music creates an ambiance that calls certain images in your head, but sometimes a visual inspires a musician to create a sound around it. A drummer, a DJ and a VJ unite their forces. They all have years of experience in the music- and visual-art industry separately, but now they have teamed up for a brand new project – Hytes!
Expect bass-music, varying from really chill and vibey songs to more uptempo and hard hitting tracks!
Live Preview